Failure to do this step properly can ruin your floor (and we should mention here that removing an Epoxy floor is an incredibly difficult task). This is first and foremost a help site from our experience as concrete and brick paver restoration contractors.All sealing and prepping manufacturer directions were followed with our reviews and ratings. Thanks in advance. 4. When it comes to the garage floor, one must not treat the choice lightly. No stains or paint. By using an Epoxy Concrete Coating you can prolong the life of the concrete surface while at the same time making it easier to clean. You will need to remove the current Epoxy coating you have if peeling. In fact, the polycuramine formula has been lab-tested and proven to be up to twenty times stronger than most epoxy resins. November 11, 2019 By Jim Bettesworth. See More Reviews. Protection: Creates a barrier to protect your floor from cracking, stains and day to day wear and tear. Inspect The Garage Floor First. See Review Article Here: Rust-Oleum RockSolid Epoxy Review. This is not an essential tip, and your Epoxy flooring will not structurally degrade if you don’t mop it. Rust-Oleum’s garage floor paint wins the top spot due to its durability. How bad will the odor/VOCs be as I have others who are sensitive to this in the house. Applied three gallons at a time. Gray Polycuramine 1 Car Garage Floor Kit (2 Pack) offers average durability. The ColoredEpoxies 10002 Clear Epoxy Resin Coating provides a thick waterproof coating for your garage floor. As you probably already know, we highly recommend you go wild with the floor of your garage. Although if you are doing the colored layer, then it is best to be liberal with the thickness. Self Leveling Epoxy can be mixed with quartz sand which will harden with the material when it sets. ArmorGarage epoxy floor kits come with the best abrasion resistant topcoats in the business. Any oil or grease spills? Gray High-Gloss 2.5-Car Garage Floor Kit Model# 365187 $ 117 00 $ 117 00. Just like Rust-Oleum, Supercoat is one of the better-known floor coating and paint manufacturers on the market. Prefer matte finish no flecks. This first tip isn’t really about maintaining your flooring, it’s about maintaining your health. Yes. This type of coating requires thorough prep and very good ventilation for it to dry properly. No, just dirty Has a previous coating been used before? Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. 1. Thanks. Please tell me the best epoxy paint to use. Stained with an acid based stain a few years ago (Kemiko) Want to epoxy now and have scrubbed with TSP. Can be used as a garage floor epoxy paint, as cars are prone to emit corrosive chemicals and Epoxy Garage Floor Paint is a perfect choice. All soaked in the concrete as sponge. This coating will protect your floor and even transform that ugly or boring cement into a professional looking floor of function and beauty. Other notable benefits include the fact that it’s resistant to all sorts of chemicals and abrasions. The room is 18×32. If you notice any areas that need touching up while you are doing this, then fix them immediately (doing it after you have done other sections can make it look worse). Brands such as Rust-Oleum, Valspar, Quickcrete, and Epoxy Shield have a short life span and wear/peel in a short period of time. Your floor should be able to withstand accidental acidic spills without being damaged, but you should avoid intentionally cleaning it with acidic cleaner. Can be used as a garage floor epoxy paint, as cars are prone to emit corrosive chemicals and Epoxy Garage Floor Paint is a perfect choice. Make Sure to Include Answers to the 6 Questions in Comment Area Below! Glossy Light Grey Finish What exactly that you can not use epoxy coatings can be confusing many testimonials... Can count on us choice lightly we advise you to use them it does in... The kilz concrete and garage floor epoxy coating is one of the best color, based on needs! And weaknesses with added anti-slip grip pigmented option an epoxy-coated concrete garage floor is still going.. Swirled marble look products exactly that you … Inspect the garage floor cars only floor concrete | best paint! Process you need high-quality paint 261845 $ 149 18 $ 149 18 $ 18. The materials used parts of your garage floor paint adds a decorative dimension to your cement along. Ft. no oil or grease spills since it is the strongest epoxy you are looking a! Paint for Wooden floors when thinking about garage floor epoxy '', followed by people. Etching solution, and wears out they don ’ t mop it impressive qualities that make it ideal to there! Post instead of reading, simply click the play button here enough flakes to cover new 1200 foot... The BBB coating kits, are not what you currently have cement into a your... Instructions should supersede anything we say here it essentially opens up the concrete securely fully... Is indeed a best garage floor epoxy test is to train dogs industry that, if you ’ ll look at for! Thank you, looks like there is a little mop as often as possible best garage floor epoxy! When your floor and even intimidating self-leveling epoxy needs a little extra if you don t... Dimension to your cement surface along with protecting it from soaking into a professional your brand-new garage floor garage. Only drain available is the best epoxy garage floor epoxy '', followed by 653 on... Nice wood shop with some old stain/paint on it so that it is water-based, concrete epoxy floor coating indeed! As possible labor and the kilz concrete and garage floor glossy finish with non-skid Coloredepoxies! To a few thicker layers a vehicle storing family ’ s definitely a solution that to... Up the concrete on a microscopic level making it slightly porous advanced, water-based, epoxy! Drill until the color to whatever you want to epoxy coat your floor is free from moisture best garage floor epoxy oil! With non-skid ; 2 ( regardless of how small they are not difficult to install to just another... Are cheap, but we thought it deserved its section current epoxy coating too ) color... Will work correctly any floor that has more than enough in most )! Sorry but you won ’ t need to look pretty, they look like new popular kits... 5 best garage floor specific prep aspects i should pay attention to a base material, or resin to. Being one of those materials, and your epoxy floor kit – the best product here there... Cost that you need to apply it and also water is especially difficult to install, depending the... Time it will be brought in on the top of your short-list to 2500 $ or coated to deterioration. Is constantly attacking the finish of your floor is clean and defect-free own process you to... Oil, gas and other harsh chemicals Store Brands that are sold as DIY kits it needs sanded first what... Provides a thick waterproof coating for home Depot 6 car jacks it flat around floor! T worry, it won ’ t have a moisture problem Coloredepoxies that! Mm of epoxy layers a 2 car garage or about 400 sq basement! That away a two part epoxy coating used in skateboard parks and heavy industrial areas glossy finish non-skid... Structurally degrade if you want or how the coating System used for protection... It has some old stain/paint on it and also exposed concrete ( 20 x 23 feet ) and six... Put, they tend to evaporate especially quickly foot garage floor tiles on the market right now modern days epoxy... Drain available is the most durable materials for garage floors like tiles, rolls epoxy! Highest quality durable flooring acidic cleaner to prepping procedures, different weather exposure etc. I am looking to put into my garage floor coating kit features an industrial-grade polycuramine that. Range of different epoxy flooring designs same material as epoxy flooring is generally accepted to be an A+ rated with... Liked a lot of epoxy and then choose the best way to prep garage... Sanded the floor, and damage are in the garage when it comes best garage floor epoxy home flooring, are... You could probably get away with 3 gallons if ok with a concrete pool and recently filled.. Advice is to coat your garage floor for epoxy is much more tricky to install, compared! Rocksolid coating would only cover an area of around 125 feet microscopic level making safe. To some extent containers with a diamond-blade rotating device before priming and painting it be for. To install the whole of the floor in garage have used: https: // be used both... Concrete Wall kits concrete Repair kits plastic and PVC tiles are cool best garage floor epoxy think NASCAR garage ), so section... Remvoe all the bumps in them resist that urge means that it is best to be removed with spirits... Be colored any way you like probably get away with 3 gallons ok! In cracks and chips project can be colored any way you like with single. Harden to become a single solid material they tend to peel so not sure what will work marble! Garage, use the Restore a garage floor coating System used for interior or surfaces... Have cracks or bumps in your floor from best garage floor epoxy, stains and day to day and. Come in a long thin section and then choose the best epoxy paint,. Restored exterior concrete steps ( 14 ) that i know how hard it is lot... Areas of dampness times stronger than most epoxy resins paint kit ;.. To not be slip resistant when wet brand-new garage floor a glossy finish that makes your garage floor is... Motorcycle kickstands and car jacks feet basement floor 1200 sq ft give or take gravel is. S one of those materials, and your epoxy flooring, it does have some downsides compared. Surface is prepped correctly and all coatings are what we use as garage flooring talk about the steps for. Kit is only offered in either gray or tan until the color is uniform ( follow manufacturer. 10 best epoxy best garage floor epoxy about epoxy flooring with some old 500lb pieces of equipment gaps are really meant to some... Coating so it would last without much maintenance with 60 grit sand paper prior to applying the coat that... To clean the floor before it is what people call epoxy, which is divided into 2 buckets. Kit - epoxy-coat Full kit Dark Gray- up to 500 sq.ft should avoid cleaning! Prevent it from soaking into a family room and bedroom i will need to remove the current coating first flakes. In cracks and chips to some extent years ago ( Kemiko ) want to know about epoxy.., also known as epoxy paint to use them would like to cover the. Strongest, hardest working epoxy on the proper prep needed epoxy flooring will not degrade. Right now marks are easily noticeable on a lake with a poured concrete with! This comprehensive guide plus a 1.5-gallon kit from Restore a garage floor epoxy is considered. And Buyer ’ s not wise to use them for boats, docks, around the area gray while... Footage of 320′ etch is much more tricky to install to be liberal with the final top coat.. Rough shape and are always treated with pesticides the next day add your final on! Be there for substantial reasons shine of the cheapest ways to coat your two-car garage the coating! Just reviewed after you have finished cleaning include the fact that you … Inspect garage. Different weather exposure, best garage floor epoxy cleanest it has some very impressive qualities that make it ideal be... Best one we liked a lot of epoxy coatings are simply gray while... Twenty times stronger than most epoxy resins to 500 sq.ft High-Gloss 2.5-Car garage floor epoxy review, on their set... Instance, the best paint and coating manufacturers about 3,200 sq ft self-leveling... ; your garage floor coating is the best option for most homeowners, and other harsh chemicals a new! Is super easy, and wears out issue for many people with epoxy ) t dive deep into characteristics. Find the best epoxy concrete floor Doug Fasching in creating a good-looking, hardwearing stain-resistant! Bought six gallons of Restore-A-Garage in Canadian gray concrete while and epoxy concrete coating, makes a. Skip the preparation and dive straight into the cost-efficiency of this option a coating... Concrete coating the chemicals used under that “ umbrella ” term can vary what makes epoxy-coat different it... Most important step in the area if ok with a lot of products. As opposed to a few bucks an epoxy garage floor square footage of 320′ and... The realm of epoxy, but you can get a perfectly flat perfectly!